The Perfect Night Out on the Town – Unique Ways to Enjoy London’s Evening Hours

London attractions - EnglandLondon attractions - England
London attractions - EnglandLondon attractions - England


The Perfect Night Out on the Town – Unique Ways to Enjoy London’s Evening Hours

We all know that London is packed with historical and architectural landmarks, museums, and galleries well worth exploring. It’s for these reasons that tourists flock to the city all year-round. But what about London’s night scene? Just because the sun goes down, and the landmark attractions close up for the day, doesn’t meant it’s time to head home or back to your hotel. In fact London’s night scene is incredibly vibrant, varied, and filled with unique venues.

So if you’re looking to get out and enjoy London by night, here are some unique venues and experiences worth checking out.

Not Your Average Bar

London’s pub scene is known around the world, but what happens if you’re looking to step outside the box and try a bar that isn’t quite so typical? The BungaBunga Convent Garden Restaurant is home to one of the most unique bars in Covent Garden. The bar is filled with unique and quirky cocktails that you won't find elsewhere, and live entertainment. The menu features more than 30 cocktails, some of the most incredible prosecco out there, and a wine list that will leave your head spinning.

There are actually two different themed bars to check out, which helps to keep things feeling unique. Entertainment includes singing, juggling, and even a DJ who will spin the beats until 2am.

A Garden by Night

You're probably used to strolling through gardens during the day, but what about a night garden? That's right, you can check out the London Sky Garden which is found on Fenchurch Street. You can go up to the top of the building where the garden is located, and then enjoy this garden by night. It's free to visit but you will need to reserve a spot in advance. This can be done online.

Get Your Share of Laughs

London is well known for its comedy nights that host some of the biggest and brightest comedians out there. What's even better is the fact that so many of the comedy houses features free entrance. This means you can enjoy a night of laughter for free. Noteworthy venues include The Miller and Angel Comedy at Camden Head.

Get Ready for a Ghostly Experience

What's a visit to a big city without a ghostly encounter? That's right you can take part in a ghost tour at the Black Lion Pub in Hammersmith. As soon as the pub closes, the ghost tour begins. It is said that the pub is haunted by Thomas Millwood, who was shot back in 1803. The tour will then take you to Margravine Cemetery, Holland Park, Notting Hill, and then ending in Cambridge Gardens where you can hop on the phantom bus.

Plenty to Explore at Night

So before you go hanging up your jacket for the day, and kicking off your shoes, you may want to consider heading back out and exploring the city by night. It’s like a whole other world exists once the sun goes down.

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